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ServicePacks für FirstClass Groupware V 11 released!

Für FirstClass 11 wurden folgende ServicePacks veröffentlicht:

  • FirstClass 11.0 Server SP2
  • FirstClass Internet Services SP2
  • FirstClass Online Help Updater SP2
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Social Workplace 2.0
Die neuen Produktversionen sind:
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Server Build 979 für Windows
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.035 Update für Windows
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help Build 1 für Windows
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Social Workplace 2.0 Build 8 für Windows
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Server Build 979 für Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.035 für Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help Build 2 für Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Social Workplace 2.0 Build 9 für Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Server Build 979 für Linux
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.035 für Linux
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help Build 1 für Linux
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Social Workplace 2.0 Build 1 für Linux
Kunden mit gültigem ServiceVertrag erhalten das Upgrade automatisch über das Update Gateway des Herstellers auf Ihren FirstClass Server (siehe Ordner "FC Update Service"). Als registrierter Kunde mit gültigem ServiceVertrag können Sie die Updates auf von unserem Server abholgen: FC ServicePacks und Updates.

Bitte stellen Sie unbedingt sicher, dass Sie für Ihren Server die passende FirstClass 11 Lizenz erhalten haben und beachten Sie die Installationsanleitung bevor Sie das Upgrade durchführen.

Bitte setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, wenn Sie die ServicePacks trotz gültigem ServiceVertrag nicht erhalten haben oder wenn Ihr ServiceVertrag abgelaufen ist und Sie ein Angebot für die Verlängerung benötigen.

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Bulletin 249-FC 11.0 SP2 V1.1.pdf

FirstClass Division Product Bulletin

Title: OpenText FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Release Announcement
Bulletin Number: 249
Version: 1.1
Date: October 21, 2011


This Product Bulletin is intended for distribution to FirstClass Division's installed base Administrators, Customer Support Center team, Business Development Center team, Account Managers, and Channel Partners.


This is an announcement of the general availability (GA) of FirstClass 11.0 SP2 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux 64-bit platforms.

The new product versions are:
  • FirstClass Server 11.0 Build 979 for Windows
  • FirstClass Internet Services 11.0 Build 11.035 for Windows
  • Social Workplace 2.0 Build 8 for Windows
  • FirstClass Application Services 4.0 Build 4534 for Windows 32-bit
  • FirstClass Application Services 4.0 Build 4534 for Windows
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help for Windows
  • FirstClass Server 11.0 Build 979 for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass Internet Services 11.0 Build 11.035 for Mac OS X
  • Social Workplace 2.0 Build 9 for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass Application Services 4.0 Build 4534 for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help for Mac OS X
  • FirstClass Server 11.0 Build 979 for Linux
  • FirstClass Internet Services 11.0 Build 11.035 for Linux
  • Social Workplace 2.0 Build 1 for Linux
  • FirstClass Application Services 4.0 Build 4534 for Linux
  • FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Online Help for Linux


FirstClass 11.0 SP2 Core Server, Internet Services, Social Workplace, Application Services, and Online Help upgrade installers are now available to existing customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract. FirstClass Update Services will automatically download these to your server. If your server’s Update Services schedule is turned off, you may manually initiate an Update Services request to receive the updates.

FirstClass 11.0 SP2 is also available for download from FCOL in the following locations:

Windows server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 11 Product Updates/FC11 Windows Server Updates/

Mac OS X server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 11 Product Updates/FC11 OS X Server Updates/

Linux server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 11 Product Updates/FC11 Linux Server Updates/

Please ensure that you have your server specific FirstClass 11 licenses, along with reviewing both the FirstClass 11.0 ReadMe First! text and instructions accompanying the installer thoroughly before proceeding with the upgrade.

To renew or purchase your M&S contract, please contact your regional Sales Support Center listed at the end of this bulletin.

New Product Features and Enhancements

The new features and fixes (since FirstClass 11.0 Server Build 972, Internet Services 11.0 Build 11.014, Social Workplace 1.1, and Application Services 4.0 Build 4518) are listed in this section.

A. FirstClass Server
  • Community daily digest fail to run on the day a user adds a new watch/digest/feed.
  • If a community had thread and/or digest watches, but not a feed, every time a message was mailed to the community then a new message was created and sent to MTA without a TO address.
  • During Audit, the conference Attributes are not reset in the SYSIDTABLE.
  • OpenText Social Workplace (OTSW) invitations are now sent as the conference.
  • Enhanced the Windows exception (crash) handler to support the case where multiple threads crash at the same time.  This was previously interpreted as a secondary crash handling the first exception, which caused an incomplete or empty exception report.  This update is a ensures that one exception is processed at a time.  The result can be multiple RPT files but it should produce good ones now along with a proper .DMP file.
  • Change to stamp the creator of the FCXResume to be the same as the owner. Automated creations (FCDS, Custodian, etc.) caused the creator to be incorrect.
  • Increased the default number of workers thread from 16 to 64.
  • Removed debug messages regarding the new archive options.
  • Return proper thread id for chats.
  • Added some log messages for system tasks shutdown.
  • Restored the ability to retrieve deleted items from a "filtered" desktop.
  • Change to support access to Resumes from all name validated fields.
  • OTSW - Supply online status for people hits.
  • Enhanced waking up worker threads when we shutdown the server.
  • Added debugging output for worker tasks at shutdown time.
  • Restored the Author field for uploaded files.
  • Enabled automatic file document wrapping for communities.
  • Factored checks to determine if a client is aware of document file wrapping and if not to emulate them as an uploaded file.
  • Enhanced the emulation of document wrapped files as uploaded files.
  • Promote the the thumbnail for document wrapped files to the ItemRec.
  • Do not return search hits from Pulse folder(s).
  • Send update to client when document has been splited. For example, an issue was discovered when you edit a wiki page, it created a duplicate copy.
  • Removed space from name of company.
  • RefCount fixes to avoid premature deletion of messages during delivery.
  • Corrected FID diagnostic to report the correct DirID for orphans and deleted records.
  • Improved or fixed the envelope updates to automatically translate the Subject field when the character set changes.  Fixes incorrect charset formatting of the Subject after a Forward operation, when the client automatically upgrades the charset to UTF-8 but internally the server's subject data remained in the previous charset (e.g. Shift-JIS).  This also fixes a problem where a forward of a forward had a damaged subject.
  • Fixed Cc: recipients in a reply not being translated into the correct UTF-8 character set.  Eg. If "Reply to a Conference", the conference names are broken. Forwarding issue remained (a client issue).
  • Fixed error handling for invalid read requests, and improved those cases to report the full path of the file in which the error occurred.
  • Fix to handle incorrectly set custom repeat fields that may crash the server.
  • Fixed an issue where the SysID table can get into inconsistant state when multile people post/delete to same conference at the same time.
  • Fix to set desktop size for new accounts.
  • Fixed error 336 "PhysDel triggered on messages during send" message.
  • Fix truncation issue of the preview field when the document's charset is not UTF8.
  • Fix for audit crash for an FCNS with multiple volumes.
  • RefCount fixes to avoid premature deletion of messages during delivery.
  • Fix for crash when attempting to force a reload of a damaged OrgDir page.

B. Internet Services
  • Add default schema for FCXIMCollectionFolders.
  • Added a .cf file switch in the [Config] section, SET_DoThreadedSSLHandshake, which can be used to disable the worker based SSL negotiation.
  • Added additional SMTP client logging at level 6.
  • Added header matching code to detect old BB clients that need the Pulse sent by default. New HeaderMatch required also.
  • Added the ability to specify an HTTP response code in an AddURLHandler entry. This can be used to either alter the response code sent with a redirect, or to force a specific error page return for a specific URL:
HTTP-Response-Code: <numeric HTTP code>
where <numeric HTTP code> can be one of:
301 (Moved Permanently)
302 (Found)
303 (See Other)
307 (Temporary Redirect)
or any other valid HTTP error code.
  • Allow inetsvcs.cfg file override of max leak track table entries.
nhMaxTrackers = N       // where N is <= 32768
  • BIS push code updated to Blackberry production URL and account.
  • Change "X-FC-Idle: Close session requested" log message from level 0 to level 6.
  • Changes to thread priority to provide better performance when running the Server and IS on the same box (OS X/Linux).
  • Changes to get the last delivery time to update for one's own messages, which arrive with the unread flag off now.
  • Check for missing colour value to avoid setting table cell/row background colour to black when parsing invalid HTML.
  • Check for NULL pointers (when out of memory) in UnPackFieldData.
  • Check the FETCH sequence against the number of messages in the selected folder, and return a BAD response if the sequence is out of range (should fix endless loop issue in Apple Mail client.)
  • CInetRowMap: don't waste time launching a sort thread if there is no DataSource or no rows present.
  • CInetSvc/ CTCPConn: moved SSL negotiation to worker threads
  • Clear MailRules and SMTPDebugRules when shutting down (so they don't produce false leak reports).
  • Don't strip escape characters from RCPT TO addresses.
  • Free the CA certificate store when shutting down.
  • FTP: Added TVFS support. See RFC 3659, Section 6 for more information.
  • General / shutdown:  Consolidated the various shutdown functions & timers into one loop and improved the shutdown code so that is should (theoretically) not get stuck.
  • HTML Decoding: Fixed problem in GetCh().
  • HTTP: add list filter options for bluefield-im and ThePulse.  Render The Pulse by default for BF-enabled users. Suppress the Bluefield IM folder.
  • HTTP: allow "Contacts" to be used as a subtype keyword as an alternative to "AddressBook" (should fix issues with filter options not appearing as expected in 11.0 Standard Templates).
  • HTTP: make sure that the No-Cache directive is sent for VKeys.
  • HTTP: modified VKey on login generation so that a VKey is only added to the redirect if there is an origURL that is something other than a standard desktop open.
  • HTTPMail: modified accounting so that the correct number of leftover bytes (if any) at the end of a POST are reported.
  • HTTPSendError will not SEND data when ssiErrorMode == essierrTemplate. This happens when we are still in the context of a "wrapper" template which may not have finished rendering.
  • IMAP: Added support for FETCHing sent S/MIME messages.
  • IMAP: Only allow 10 bad (unknown, malformed, wrong state) commands before closing the connection.
  • IMAP: Properly display entries in the list document that include path separator characters in the LIST command handler.
  • IMAP: Properly update the list document in the RENAME command handler.
  • Inactivity setting now working properly with OTSW
  • Increase OS X and Linux InetSvc task stacks to 128K to prevent stack overwrite crash.
  • Initialize TID to zero to prevent a crash in the Linux build when calling ReportTID.
  • Logging: Altered Report macro to not output bogus TID information when called in a thread.
  • NovaHeap alloc/free debugging can now be enabled in inetsvcs.cf file instead of FCIntSrv.ini:
NHHeapDumps = 1 (Default is 0)
  • Prevent crash when an HTTP array variable index is undefined.
  • Prevent crash when dealing with bogus hostent structure.
  • Prevent NULL pointer crash.
  • Provide a log message (at MIME decoding level 1) for each case where a decision not to send the HTML to the alt body stream is made.
  • Replace name mangling conversion of double quotes to the space replacement character with proper quote escaping when converting FirstClass names to Internet addresses.
  • Reset the saved HTML length to zero when it is disposed to prevent AltBodyHTML errors later (if there are multiple HTML body parts.)
  • Resource files: Plugged a timing related memory issue caused by worker threads.
  • Reworked local SendFCP methods so that they Idle if and only if they have to, and removed several unconditional IdleConn calls and replaced them with this method. Should speed up things like clearing body data before an HTTP Post repopulates it.
  • Reworked the way we force config after a gateway connection drop/restore to ensure that a full config scan gets done. Also, once a full config scan is initiated, in case of failure continue doing full config scans until one succeeds.
  • Shutdown: Corrected various modules shutdown code to ensure that all memory is freed up.
  • SMTP Inbound: Don't allow non UTF-8 multi-byte character set HTML into the altbody stream (e.g. ISO-2022-JP).
  • SMTP Inbound: Properly handle multiple references to the same embedded image.
  • SMTP outbound: Add level 1 diagnostic after ::Run when RefCount is not 1, plus try to ensure that the CSMTPMsg destructor gets called in that case.
  • SSL: SSL lib updated to version 0.9.8r on all platforms
  • Use INT64s for numeric col filter caching.
  • Wired Select() method to wait around for the server's response in order to plumb through error codes as needed.
  • Worker thread options can now be enabled in inetsvcs.cf file instead of FCIntSrv.ini:
SET_NumWorkerThreads = <n>
SET_WorkerPriority = <priority>
<n> is the maximum number of worker threads to create. Default value is now 16.
<priority> is one of: LOW, NORMAL, HIGH, REALTIME
  • Disabled threaded SSL handshake, believed to be the instigator or recent obscure crashes seen on our in-house production and test server.
  • Protect the original IM Conversation against deletion.
  • Fix for inactivity setting not being respected with OTSW.
  • Fix for mistranslated Subject headers when the character set is different than the server character set and there are unencoded high bit characters.
  • Fix invalid References header generation, caused by Hotmail sending references separated by commas, which is in violation of the RFC. We now skip commas when parsing the header, and we skip commas when generating the header if we had previously parsed them.
  • Fix to prevent IS from getting hung receiving an attachment in certain cases.
  • Fix to properly set (and not reset) the character set of inbound text/plain message parts.
  • Fixed a problem of CInetObjects morphing into CStreamDownloads caused by guard reference added to prevent threaded sorting crashes.
  • Fixed a problem where enabling HTTP virus scanning would cause SMTP inbound virus scanning regardless of the Scan inbound email attachments checkbox.
  • Fixed an issue in CICFCConnObject::ObjIDIndextoOpenObjID which prevented the desktop from being found in the cache.
  • Fixed CHTTPArrayVarTableItem::Clear to not crash calling itself recursively.
  • Fixed crash in SendCachedFile responding to the request "GET ? HTTP/1.0".
  • Fixed crashes caused by overwriting class variable buffer.
  • Fixed custom weekly repeat type so that repeats that occurs in views after the event's initial occurrence have the correct start time.
  • Fixed erroneous DoFileOp extra operation loop when deleting a file. Attempt to delete a file that was just deleted returned NOT FOUND which in turn resulted in an http 404 return code instead of 202.
  • Fixed error generating default start of day for new calendar events when a start date is provided with no time.
  • Fixed handling of poorly formatted arguments in the HTML stream.
  • Fixed incorrect passing of length introduced during the 64bit conversion that causes certain ASN.1 sequences to fail to decode properly.
  • Fixed issue with SSLContext when doing TLS connection.
  • Fixed many memory issues, including outbound SMTP and IMAP.
  • Fixed memory issue with the FETCH handler.
  • Fixed memory related problems when decoding various types of S/MIME messages.
  • Fixed multiple problems with HTTP array variable lookups.
  • Fixed problem causing the Inbound HTML setting to be ignored.
  • Fixed problem handling log file name updates. Fixed issue rolling the log file where contents would be lost. Added error reporting if unlink or rename functions fail.
  • Fixed problem in checking the FETCH sequence against the number of messages in the selected folder.
  • Fixed some ReportTID statements that were missing the current template name argument, which could cause crashes with HTTP Script logging at level 4.
  • Fixed unchecked rc on row expand operation in sort/group function.
  • HTML Decoding: Fixed problem in GetCh().
  • IMAP: Fix memory related issue when two or more unsuccessful login attempts happen on the same connection.
  • IMAP: Fixed memory issue in the SUBSCRIBE, CREATE and STATUS command handlers.
  • IMAP: Fixed problem with APPEND command not consuming the terminating event, which caused problems for the next command.
  • IMAP: Fixed problem with the APPEND handler not saving the Message-ID for later use by the SEARCH command.
  • IMAP: Fixed problems parsing sequence set *:*. Return the proper response to UID SEARCH *:* command. Always return * SEARCH response even if there were no matches.
  • MIME: Fix mistranslation of ServersAlive messages.
  • MIME: Fixed size calculation going wrong in AddToHandle.
  • Multiple fixes to enhance the reliability of crash reports.
  • Shutdown: Corrected various modules shutdown code to ensure that all memory is freed up.
  • SMTP inbound: Fixed crash that could occur if LoadCerts returns NULL.
  • SMTP: Fixed AUTH LOGIN handling to accept the username as an initial client response.

C. Social Workplace
  • Performance improvement in loading community tabs with multiple items and threads.
  • Blank status is not allowed to be posted from profile.
  • Flagged blog posts can now be "unflaged".
  • Special characters in the community names are not allowed anymore.
  • Added Edit option to flagged wikis.
  • Added an option to delete comments in wiki in wiki tab.
  • Highlighting the text in a post brings a message into focus now.
  • Don't allow comment pane on read-only wiki and documents.
  • Allow external users to see Community Info.
  • Added Delete button on self comments in blog posts.
  • Changed the colour for successful user invite string.
  • Mini Profile is dismissive now by moving the mouse onto and then out of the mini profile popup.
  • Changed 'done' button label to 'cancel' on the initial Invite a New Member dialog.
  • Session inactivity limit is respected now.
  • Many localization strings added for community info.
  • Various localization strings added for show/hide read items and the many permutations thereof.
  • Added 24-hour time handling format (set via localization).
  • Changed the My People list so that clicking on the name goes to profile, also added the link for chat below the name part.
  • Added prompt for invalid or non-unique new community name string during creation.
  • Removed Join this community link upon joining a community.
  • Restored functionality to open image thumbnails in a separate browser tab/window.
  • OpenText Social Workplace BlackBerry Client (Build 1.2.160) included.
  • Updated BlackBerry Help files.
  • Fix for 1.0-style wiki links to be compatible with 1.1 templates.
  • Fix for editing non-wrapped files via WebDAV.
  • Fixed skin.pjs inclusion.
  • Fix to preserve link path when following a permalink through login.
  • Fixed box over toolbar in miniprofile on webkit browsers.
  • Fix for missing link to own profile when a user has no Pulse.
  • Fix for extended characters to appear twice in a sender's chat window.
  • Fix for reply menu to dismiss after posting a reply in Pulse.
  • Fix for delay in loading of the Upload button on IE7.
  • Fix for long Members List to be resized properly on high resolution screens.
  • Fix for partially blocked mini profile status bar on Safari.
  • Fix for description to be saved as expected during documents Upload or Update.
  • Fix for IM window to appear minimized first upon the chat initiation.
  • Fix for Flagged document to always directed to the first version.
  • Fix for Reply with Quote option.
  • Fix the delay in updating the profile status with a new entry in Pulse.
  • Fix for broken Feed tab display in localizations.
  • Fix for changing text color to take effect after saving a wiki on IE.
  • Fix for distorted search box alignment and search result page form on IE.
  • Fix broken "Image File" text-box form when uploading images from disk.
  • Fix for Heading size 2 and 3 to have different font size.
  • Fix for script error on IE when replying with quotes.
  • Fix for script error on IE when opening empty profile.
  • Fix for broken ex-char in the subject tooltip of the blogs.
  • Fix for missing quotes link on IE 7.
  • Fixed titles for change picture/edit profile dialogs to come from en.rez.
  • Fixed an issue with initial authentication by a newly created user.
  • Fixed an issue when sharing a Bookmarklet produces an error when using HTTPS.
  • Fix for stretched Insert Image dialog after image upload.
  • Fix for multiple IM windows opened upon chat initiation.
  • Fix for script error on IE when adding tags to saved documents.
  • Fix for script error on IE when saving a wiki.
  • Fix for script error on IE when opening a wiki from either Flagged Items or Search.
  • Fix for intermittent lag time in IM chat.
  • Fix for complex wiki display to be slow on IE7.
  • Fix for large images not being resized in wiki editor.
  • Fix for document tags could only be added one at a time.
  • Fix for inability to delete documents on IE7.
  • Fix for document deletion indication requiring refresh.

HeaderMatch Document 11.0 R5
  • Re-enables VKeys in a manner that should not disrupt WebDAV clients and known non-VKey enabled template sets (ie ScreenReaders & Mobiles)
  • Contains some scripting commands to ease the interoperation of WebDAV and content sites
  • Contains updated internal documentation for all 11.0 HeaderMatch features, and particularly for content sites.
  • Defines a new server option oldmobileclient 1 | 0 which determines whether or not the pulse is sent by default to old mobile clients.  The default value for this option is enabled.

MIME Types Document 10.1 R3
  • MIME Types document is updated for use with Android devices.

D. Application Services
  • Chop terminating NULL from AltBody
  • Only send one login app request to the server at startup
  • Return empty strings when no data exists
  • Implemented reading of CC, BCC, To attributes via ServerFile
  • Make service keyword Windows only
  • Added fcAppServerService keyword
  • Added ODBC error checking (double refilter issue)
  • Corrected fcAppParentName when a non-admin user launches stationery from the desktop
  • Syntax correction for ServerFile attributes with no index
  • ISMsgID crash fix when at end of loop
  • Removed sort field indexing on open events using an index into the cache already
  • Requeue items coming into the gateway mailbox between initial connect and apps loaded
  • Added FCPDelete
  • Cleanup of error objects in the silent error and On Error cases
  • Additional clear of ServerDirectory data on close
  • Added ServerFile.FCPOpen, ServerFile.FCPType, ServerFile.OpenVersion
  • Added PostOpen calls to new FCPOpen/OpenVersion commands
  • Fix for Redim Preserve of Integers
  • Fix for ExecuteSQL failing on SQL Server
  • Fixed overwrite on some specific form strings which could cause a crash
  • Fix for crash on DeleteUser when no user was found
  • Fix for starting offset to InStr with multibyte characters
  • Corrected unset value of fcAppParent and fcAppParentPath
  • Fix for UTF8 mangling in TCase
  • Fix for Mid with start offset on UTF8 strings
  • Fixes for NULL MLItem crashes on attribute lookups
  • Fix for uninitialized date value crash
  • Fixes for multiple timing dependent conditions with Login applications, multiple fanned login applications, short logins, and memory losses over time
  • Fix for missing program end debug lines for very short execution times
  • Fixed FCPURL vulnerability with error code
  • Corrected fcAppParentName when a non-admin user launches stationery from the desktop
  • Fix leak on SysID lookup failed message
  • Syntax correction for ServerFile attributes with no index
  • ISMsgID crash fix when at end of loop
  • Fix for memory leak in Base64 encode/decode commands
  • Correctly return sf.Type on FindFirst/FindNext items
  • Crash fix for timing window on rapidly opened/closed sf-launched apps with a form
  • Fix for virtual files attached to messages
  • Fix for a crash on Base64Encode when fed NULL data
  • Fixed length empty buffer fix
  • Crash fix for Replace with a NULL return
  • Free memory properly when reusing a ServerDirectory variable for multiple lookups
  • Fix for path-based ServerFile.Delete
  • Fix for crash data reporting string fills

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