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Release FirstClass 12 SP1

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Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that FirstClass® Server 12.1 SP1 will begin distribution later today. Customers with valid Maintenance and Support (M&S) Agreements should be receiving this update over the next few days.

Being Distributed in this update:

  • FirstClass® Core Server updater 12.1 Build 2162
  • Release Notes
  • Installation Guide

  • This release of the FirstClass Server requires a 64-bit (x64) operating system.
  • This release of the FirstClass Server should be administered with a FirstClass® Client version 12.122 (or better).  Please note that some of the new features require a 12.1 client and/or new forms, or FCWS 12.1
  • If upgrading, you must have a correctly installed and licensed version of the shipping FirstClass® Server 12.0 Build 1314 (or greater) before proceeding.
New Features

  • Added the ability to change the number of directory threads at startup
  • Added the ability to change the number of encryption threads at startup
  • Added the ability to configure the maximum number of failed login attempts on a per group basis
  • Added the ability to auto-create contacts for external recipients.
  • Added video chat support between Web Services and clients that support it.
Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2008 R1/R2 64-bit  (Standard, Enterprise, Data Center)
  • Windows Server 2102 R1/R2 64-bit (Standard, Data Center)
  • Mac OS X (64-bit Intel) 10.8.5
  • Mac OS X (64-bit Intel) 10.9.5
  • Mac OS X (64-bit Intel) 10.10.x
  • Linux systems (64-bit) with a minimum kernel version of 2.6.23
Please note the OS X 10.11 El Capitan is not supported at the time of release.  Please review the FirstClass Operating System Matrix documents located in the Support Services conference.

NOTE: For additional information, please refer to the Release Notes and Installation Guide documents that will accompany this product.